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How A Creation Box Can Work For You
© By Michael Losier
Used with permission by Rebecca Hanson & Global Law of Attraction Training Center
Permission granted to reproduce this article with copyrights in tact.

Bring to mind a time when you decided that you wanted something in your life, like a vacation, a special book, or something for your home. Did you notice that things relating to what you were wanting, appeared out of nowhere - either you overheard someone talking about it, or noticed an advertisement, billboard, or even junk mail that related to what you were wanting? This is the power of the Law of Attraction at work. M interpretation of the The Law of Attraction is "that all forms of energy is attracted to that which is of a like vibration. Like attracts like. The thoughts we hold attract similar thoughts and become large masses of thoughts. These thoughts are also called 'vibrations.'

I have been following the teaching of Abraham-Hicks (teachers of The Law of Attraction) and have adopted many of the suggestions offered from their work. Here is Abraham's explanation of vibration. "If you're wondering what you are vibrating, observe your life. It's a perfect match. What you are living is what you are vibrating, without exception. So, if you've got something that you don't want, identify what it is within your vibration that is giving it to you. The Law of Attraction is powerful, and whatever you are vibrating, the Universe will match."

One of the learnings I have experienced from this 'attraction' concept is the powerful process of the Creation Box. A Creation Box is simply a box or container where you store your highest desires until they have come to you. Your Creation Box can be any size, shape, or colour - it is for you to enjoy and have fun with. A Creation Box helps you to purify your vibration (desires), in other words, you become more focused on what you are putting in it. Fill your Creation Box with pictures you tear out of magazines, doodling, and special notes that describe what you desire. As you begin to play in your Creation Box, you will be 'knocked over' by the speed and efficiency with which the Universe responds to the desires you have placed in your Creation Box.

Whatever you are focused on, be it real or imagined, causes you to vibrate - and that vibration is what the Universe accepts as your point of attraction. The Universe does not know or judge what you are vibrating - it only responds to your vibration. You get what you want and you get what you don't want. You get what you are thinking, feeling and vibrating. The Creation Box process does just that.

I've been using a Creation Box for a number of years, placing in it things that I want but not too sure how I am going to acquire. The key here is to put things in your Creation Box that you desire - not being attached to how it comes to you. Recently a friend of mine noticed my Creation Box in my home and was curious of its purpose and contents. Upon explaining the purpose of the Creation Box, I opened it up to share some of the special things I was desiring. To my delight, a number of magazine clippings and notes of things I was desiring, have come to me.

I hosted a Creation Box building party at my home and each of us created a special box for our dreams and desires. I invite you to prepare your special Creation Box with your friends and family, and watch your desires come to you in ways you couldn't have imagined.