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Welcome to the Law of Attraction Training Center, serving a global audience since 2003.
Are you looking for a proven Program
that will help you integrate the
Law of Attraction in a short period of time?

We have what you are looking for!

We offer two transformational Law of Attraction Programs
designed to firmly establish you in this universal law
and train you to become a specialist.

You may have already discovered the Law of Attraction through the movie The Secret, Lynn Grabhorn's book, Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting, the teachings of "Abraham" as presented by Esther and Jerry Hicks, or through motivational speakers such as Michael Losier--now you're looking for a powerful, straight forward, "no fluff" way to apply the Law of Attraction to your life in the fullest possible way.

The Law of Attraction Training Center

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*We have students from over 20 countries!

You know it takes time
to make changes that last!

But did you realize it takes about four (4) months of consistent, deliberate application for the Law of Attraction to penetrate deep enough to make a lasting difference?

Your success in making shifts that last a lifetime is our primary goal. That's why we've designed our Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner ProgramTM to support you during this period and beyond!

Program #1

Our 42-hour Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner ProgramTM is designed to empower you with the knowledge, understanding, application and Law of Attraction and the tools you need to succeed in any area of your life or business.

This Program is perfect for coaches, ministers, teachers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapist and chiropractors, stay-at-home moms and career professionals who feel the Law of Attraction will add value to their life and/or business.

Contact Rebecca to discuss the necessary steps.

Program #2

Our Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainer Program is 101 hours in length. The first 42 hours are completed through Program 1: the Certified LOA Practitioner Programô. Upon successful completion of Program 1, you may continue by enrolling in Program 2: Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainer Program.TM People who take this Program want to enhance their current business or transition into a new career as a Law of Attraction Coach, Trainer or Public Speaker.

This Program is also perfect for the Corporate and Personal Development Trainers looking for new material to enhance their curriculum. Becoming a Certified LOA Coach-Trainer will give them full confidence and credibility!

Becoming a Certified LOA Coach-Trainer can open up a whole new career for you.  If you see yourself coaching and teaching others to attract the life and business they've always dreamed of, or if you have a dream of becoming a Public Speaker, then this is the place for you to learn from the BEST  mentors in the Law of Attraction field.

Regardless of your background or career goal, what matters most is that you have a teachable spirit, love learning and are open to applying the Law of Attraction at a deeper level.

We offer the most COMPREHENSIVE Law of Attraction Programs available anywhere and all from the comfort of your home or office! There's no need to travel and no need to wait for the postal service to bring a manual. Since we first opened our doors in September 2003, we have developed our own unique method of combining the best teachers, a fully downloadable audio Program, website documents and live support, including your own eMentor, our Founder, Rebecca Hanson.

Our classes are experiential. We don't just tell you about the Law of Attraction. . . we don't just teach you how to work it. . . every class is an experience in the Law of Attraction that you'll remember!

No other program combines convience, comprehensiveness and experience the way our Programs do. We are often immitated, but never duplicated.


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Experience a Class!

Experience Module 1, Class 1: The Basic Recipe for LOA and Two Missing Ingredients with Rebecca Hanson,our Founder. Experience how easy it is for anyone to learn and apply fresh knowledge about the Law of Attraction.

PLUS! Our policy of a "one-time fee for a lifetime of learning" started with the first Certified LOA Practitioner Program in 2003 and it is still in effect. This means that once you've paid for a Program, you can retake any Module without additional cost--as many times as you wish. Any changes or upgrades to a Module are yours free of charge too! This way, you can stay current and not have to pay, pay and pay.

What makes our Programs unique? Let our students tell you:

I have been a student of the Universal Laws most of my life. I was fortunate to be born into a family that was very involved in New Thought, Ancient Wisdom and open to new spiritual insights. Even with my extensive background in this work, I am constantly delighted with the material and methods the Training Center offers. The power is always in the practice and the tools offered here make this easy to apply. I am continually blessed and uplifted by this training. The depth and quality of the material is enlightening and the Staff is excellent, each experts in their presentation, but more important is their caring nature. Thanks and Blessings to Rebecca and all the LOA Staff.

Jan Moudry,
A Life Coach

I have been studying success and the Law of Attraction on my own for years. Finding the Law of Attraction Training Center and its Program has both organized my study and introduced me to new concepts. I love the way I've been exposed to a wide variety of concepts that most people will never in their lives hear about.

Ron Coleman,
Physical Therapist

I have taken 4 coaching certifications over the last 4 years and this Course has been the best by far. I have learned so much, my life has been transformed through all of the teaching and tools I learned at the LOA Training Center. The Staff members are knowledgeable, experienced and share on a deep and personal level. The quality of this training far exceeds my expectations; I am always inspired and excited and take away another nugget. Thank you!

Jenny Bissmeyer,
Workshop Trainer

Our faculty, staff and students are living models of how the Law of Attraction can transform lives. We have no agenda to push, nothing to prove--yet we prove the validity of the Law of Attraction EVERY DAY!

Connect with our Founder, Rebecca Hanson,
Toll Free: 1.866.472.1949 (North America)
Phone: 1.250.472.1947
Rebecca by adding her to your Skype contacts as
This Program gave me the total confidence to know that I am now really ready to teach the Law of Attraction as I have all the tools and there really is nothing more I can do apart from share the message and help others transform their lives. There was so much information provided. I came to realize how important the work of being an LOA Coach is because we have to raise the consciousness of the planet. I feel so blessed to have you all as my teachers as I can see how much I have progressed in my knowledge of LOA and in myself.

Debbie Fernandes
Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainer in
London, England
It certainly has been a journey and one which I couldn't have gone on without LOATC and all of you who make it such a wonderful place to learn, grow and transform and I will forever be indebted to you. The day I found LOATC was the biggest blessing Source could have led me to and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Natasha Abudarham Europe's Secret to Success radio talk show host.

I want to help people in my country know about this wonderful Law of Attraction and empower their lives! -P.D., India

I'm very grateful for having discovered the LOA Practitioner's Course as this had been transformational in so many ways. -L.B., South Africa

For me LOATC is not just a community, this is living, physical organism with a soul, on the Leading Edge. Our Training Center is global guidance (for) this transitional period of time. -I.F., Norway


Do you have a sense of a Higher-Calling?

Is there a teacher, a coach or an encourager in you?

Do you feel drawn to help raise the
consciousness of mankind?

Does this message resonate with you?

We are looking for dedicated, like-minded and like-hearted people to join us on this exceptional path.

you are feeling a tug at your heart ...
you are ready to make a difference...
that "little voice" inside you is saying, "Tell me more..."

Then our Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners' Program may be just what you have been looking for. Click here for details.

OR . . .
Connect with our Founder, Rebecca Hanson,
Toll Free: 1.866.472.1949 (North America)
Phone: 1.250.472.1947
Rebecca by adding her to your Skype contacts as

*Our students come from all around the world. To date, we have students from over 20 countries:  USA, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Cyprus, England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, France, Malaysia, Dubai, Germany and Mauritius.