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Rebecca Hanson, Founder

Rebecca lives in
Victoria, BC, Canada

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Rebecca is regularly featured on the radio and in the media as a leading expert in Law of Attraction and is available to do interviews on short notice.

Rebecca Hanson is the Founder of the Global Law of Attraction Training Center

Recognized as a leading authority on the Law of Attraction.

Master Teacher of the Law of Attraction who has taught thousands of people, all over the world

Author of Law of Attraction for Business: How to create a business or attract a job you LOVE!

Owner of

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International: 250.472.1947
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Law of Attraction
for Business

Rebecca is filled with a wealth
of Law of Attraction knowledge
and information, and more than
that, new perspectives on Law
of Attraction.

David Trippany,Co-host of ITSC, Mastering the Law of Attraction Radio Show.

With over 30 years experience as a public speaker, trainer, creative thinker, successful businessperson, Master Law of Attraction teacher and author, Rebecca is a fascinating person to interview. She is an amazing woman who has known sorrow, grief, physical, emotional and spiritual pain and yet, her joy of life is spontaneous and powerful. Her voice has an amazing affect on listeners who often tell her, "I could listen to your voice all day!"

At an age when most people are thinking about retirement, Rebecca Hanson was just getting started. Rebecca had been out of the workforce for many years, raising a large family, when she discovered the Law of Attraction. In a few short years she leveraged this powerful law to turn her life around and start several successful businesses. Rebecca teaches others how to harness the Law of Attraction so they too can have careers that are profitable, exciting and rewarding.

Her expertise in the technical, Internet-based medium is wonderfully balanced by her deep spiritual awareness. This unique blend of rational and intuitive gifts allows Rebecca to masterfully assist her clients and students in the art of deliberately attracting the life and business they truly want.

Rebecca is conversant on subjects such as:

The Law of Attraction: Rebecca's specialty is describing the 'big picture' as our understanding of Law of Attraction is constantly changing, growing and evolving (or disintegrating). Ask Rebecca about "The Five Levels of Law of Attraction" which bring about a balanced view of this hot, and sometimes controversial, subject.

Consciousness: Higher-Consciousness Attraction™: explains what leaders in the self-growth arena are sensing and talking about as "The Shift". People are moving toward a higher awareness of their life purpose, their stewardship of earth's resources and their responsibility to others. Rebecca has a strong belief and confidence in the goodness of the change that is taking place. Just listening to Rebecca speak on this subject lifts your audience to higher levels of consciousness.

Entrepreneurship: "One day I 'saw' the word 'ENTREPRENEUR' as if it were a marque before my eyes. I know for certain that 'I am an entrepreneur' and I have honored that facet of my life since then," says Rebecca. Rebecca has owned eight internet-based businesses. She currently owns and operates: The Law of Attraction Training Center and Telephone Bridge Services. Rebecca understands how exciting it can be to be an entrepreneur. She is also aware of the pitfalls and can not only support you in fulfilling your dream, but help you steer around these pitfalls and truly enjoy your business .

Significant Life Transitions: Sometimes a life changing transition is of our own choice and at other times it seems not to be. Some significant life transitions that Rebecca has experienced are:

o Birth of a mentally handicapped child

o Death of family members

o Divorce

o Career transition

'Self Actualization' Made Easy with Law of Attraction: What would it feel like to be completely comfortable knowing who you are, accepting yourself and living your life purpose with confidence? Rebecca knows that reaching the place of 'actually being your true self' is a journey. And she can help demystify significant portions of this journey with you.

Spiritual Development: All her life, Rebecca had experiences that were un explainable on a day-to-day basis, like de ja vue. In 1988 Rebecca was suddenly thrust into the stratosphere of the "clares." Rebecca superbly addresses many of the 'pot-holes' on the path of living with special spiritual gifts and enumerates some of the choices that confront the spiritually sensitive. For more than 25 years Rebecca has been a 'spiritual midwife' to hundreds of individuals . She has a gift for bringing out the BEST gifts in each person she encounters.

Click "Play" to listen to our Founder, Rebecca Hanson, being interviewed by Natasha Abudarham on her Europe's Secret to Success radio talk show. Topic: "5 Levels of the Law of Attraction"

Rebecca has been on both sides of the microphone. "Click Play" to listen to her interview Dr. Alan Weiss, of Summit Consulting, Inc. Topic: "7 Keys to A World Which Will Never Be the Same"

Radio Talk Shows, Teleconferences and
Pre-recorded Interviews

Rebecca Hanson is available to be interviewed, and answer questions from the public, on Radio Talk Shows, TeleConferences or pre-recorded interviews. She can speak on short notice to a variety of topics from her deep understanding of Law of Attraction. If you would like to schedule Rebecca to be a guest on your Radio Show, or if you have a last minute cancellation, just contact:

Call Rebecca to schedule a Radio Talk Show interview!

Toll Free: 866.472.1949 (from N. America)
International: 250.472.1947
(US Pacific Time Zone)

Radio Interview with In The Spirit Coaching, with hosts: Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany.

Rebecca is interviewed by one of our graduates, Natasha Abudarham, on her Europe's Secret to Success radio talk show. Topic: "How To Create Attainable, Sustainable Goals." Download the Comprehensive Emotional Scale here.

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