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True Inner Guidance
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It’s easy to tell the difference between true inner guidance (spirit) and ego-driven guidance: the first is attended with Love and the second with Fear.

True inner guidance will always draw you into something that you are desiring or want to be, do or have. Naturally, in drawing you TO something, you are being led away from something else—avoiding unwanted circumstances.

This week I experienced a delightful lesson in true inner guidance. I was staying with my friend Anna, here in Victoria, BC, while waiting for my furniture to arrive. Last Friday the movers contacted me and let me know that they would arrive around 2pm that afternoon. Staples was also supposed to deliver my new desk that day, so I phoned their dispatcher to find out what time they would deliver, since I would have to drive over to my apartment to let them in.

Well, the dispatcher could not find a record of my desk for delivery. I spent two hours on the phone with him and Staples, trying to figure out what had happened to my desk. Finally, I prayed: “Please show me what to do. Should I stay at Anna’s? Or go to my apartment?”

Immediately, I noticed that I felt a strong urge to go to my apartment even though the movers would not be arriving for at least three hours.

I phoned the dispatcher and told him, “I’m going to my apartment, if one of your drivers realizes that he has my desk on his truck, just tell him to buzz me and I’ll let him in.” Then I wondered what I would do in an empty apartment for three hours.

My timing was perfect! I drove into the parking lot and was walking toward the front door of my apartment as the Staples truck arrived. I held the door open for the fellows delivering my desk!

Perfect! True inner guidance will alway be perfect.