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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
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I do! I want to be a millionaire! Do you?

Judging by the number of lotteries and TV game shows that offer million-dollar or multi-million dollar prizes, becoming a millionaire has become a global obsession. Every day there is at least one new millionaire. Yet I have noticed that many of the "instant millionaires" don't retain their status very long. I'm looking for a method that has a built-in "millionaire-status-retainer."

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works -- Whatever you think, feel or do is what you attract into your life -- has given me one method that I call "Deliberate Attraction." To deliberately attract something, like a million dollars, all you have to do is meet these three conditions.

The first condition is to become very clear about what you want to do with a million dollars. Make a Million-Dollar Wish List. Write down everything you would do with your first million. Find out how much each item costs and keep adding items to your list until you've spent a million dollars - at least on paper.

The second condition is to become familiar with the lifestyle you've described in your Million-Dollar Wish List. If you want to live in a mansion, where do you want this mansion to be located? What style? How many rooms will your mansion have? Will it have a pool, spa or golf course? Visit different locations until you find one that strongly attracts you. Imagine yourself living in a specific mansion. Go from room to room and picture yourself and your family living comfortably in such a magnificent home.

What type of car do you want? Visit automobile dealers and test-drive the car of your dreams. Bring home brochures and keep a picture of your dream car where you'll see it often.

Do you want to invest your million dollars? Then learn everything you can about how and where to invest. Take courses, read books, subscribe to investment magazines. Pretend you've invested in the stock market and see how well you do.

Take each item on your Million-Dollar Wish List and explore it thoroughly. If you want to become a millionaire through deliberate attraction, you must "see it, feel it, taste it" and BELIEVE that you are in the process of becoming the next Joe or Jane Millionaire.

The third condition is to allow it or receive it. Some folks are so good at this third condition that becoming a millionaire is as easy as buying a lottery ticket. But if they haven't met the first two conditions, they can't keep their millionaire status for long.

However, meeting the third condition -- to allow it or receive it -- is where most of us sabotage ourselves. We find it difficult to graciously and gratefully accept what we have asked for. Many of us have been trained to believe that there is something wrong with or immoral about being wealthy. And some of us have a deeply ingrained belief that we must work hard to earn our way. Many folks believe it can happen for someone else, but not for them.

Here are three phrases that I use as I get closer and closer to attaining my goal of being a millionaire:

"I'm in the process of becoming a millionaire."

"The Universe is in the process of lining everything up that I need to know, say or do to become a millionaire."

"I love it when opportunities unfold that move me closer to being a millionaire."

What type of millionaire do you want to become? If long-term wealth and prosperity are your goal, and you are willing to meet the three conditions necessary for DELIBERATELY ATTRACTING millions of dollars, then you ARE in the process of becoming a millionaire!

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