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More For Me Means More For You

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How would you like to have what you want AND at the same time create a situation through which many people benefit? That can happen when you are bold enough to leverage the Universal Law of Attraction to attract more of what you want.

Soon after moving into my new harborside condo, I sat down and made a list of all the people who made money from my decision to fulfill a lifelong dream to "live near the ocean".

First, I thought about Noah Dobson, my
Perfect Realtor. Because Noah was able to match my energy and vision to live in such a luxurious harborside condo, he made three (possibly four) Real Estate commissions:

  1. The purchaser's commission on the harborside condo
  2. The listing commission on the downtown condo
  3. The purchaser's commission on the downtown condo
  4. And perhaps a finder's commission for finding a couple to rent the downtown condo since it was purchased as an investment.

Second, the previous owner of the harborside condo made a profit and was able to move to Spain.
Third, his Realtor received the listing commission.

Fourth, my banker, the
Perfect Financier, is making money from the interest that I'm paying on my mortgage. And I am recommending him to others who live in Victoria and are in the process of financing the home of their dreams.

Fifth, the couple that purchased the downtown condo is making money from their investment through renting it out and through the increase in market value.

Sixth, at least three of the moving companies made money on each move that was involved. Think of all the families who were blessed because they received our business.

Seventh, the painter made money giving my harborside condo a fresh coat of paint before I moved in.
Eighth, my friend Gerry made money customizing my office area and closet for storage.

And finally, my friend Jim made money helping me unpack and get settled into my new abode.

To be honest, I feel blessed to have created such a situation where so many people could make money!
If I could create such a win-win-win situation, so can you! Here's a secret that you can learn and begin to apply in your life today:

Learning how to use the Universal Law of Attraction to attract more of what I want is simply learning how to tap into the UNLIMITED supply of the Universe.

It is understanding that the more I tap into that supply, the more there is.

It is knowing that when I am happy and blessed so is everyone around me.