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Recognize the Perfect Realtor

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As soon as you have launched a strong desire, the answer is on its way. In that moment the Universe/God begins to orchestrate every person, event, and resource necessary to fulfill your desire.

Once I realized that I REALLY wanted to live in the newly discovered harborside condo, I began to look for a Realtor to represent me.

Lesson #1: If is doesn't feel right, it isn't
Since I had only lived in Victoria, BC a year and only knew one Realtor (I'll call him Jerry), I decided to see if Jerry was willing to come out of retirement to assist me with this project. I phoned him and shared my exciting and enthusiastic idea: sell my downtown condo and buy the harborside condo. His response was less than enthusiastic--in fact, he tried to talk me out of it! This made me feel VERY uncomfortable, however I had already asked him if he would do this for me and felt 'trapped' by my own lack of discretion. Jerry agreed to come out of retirement after he took a short vacation. He said he would call me upon his return to Victoria.

Lesson #2: Let the Universe do the work of lining up the Perfect Players
While I was waiting for Jerry to call, I received a letter in the mail addressed to: 'Homeowner'. Normally, I would toss out an unsolicited letter that was obviously a pitch. However, I really wanted a Realtor I could feel good about. I wanted a Realtor who was a match for my excitement. One who was as enthusiastic as I about my next new home.

As I opened the letter, I wondered if this could be the Universe sending me the Perfect Realtor. It WAS indeed. The letter, from a Victoria Realtor began with these words: "As a fellow owner and Realtor I would like to update you on the sales in our buildings over the past three months and the confidence that potential purchasers have in [our buildings]." I telephoned Noah Dobson immediately.

Noah's excitement and enthusiasm surpassed mine! He was the Perfect Realtor for this project and a perfect match for me!

Lesson #3: Be bold enough to let go of what does not feel good
Yes, it takes courage to tell someone "I will be working with someone else." Within an hour after my first interview with Noah, Jerry called. I took a deep breath and in the most positive tone I could find, I told him that I had found someone else that I wanted to work with. He seemed relieved to let me go.

Writing this article from my gorgeous, luxurious harborside condo and looking back at what it took to pull off 2 Real Estate deals in 6 weeks, I am certain that Noah was the best Realtor for me.

  • Together we maintained the high level of pure positive energy necessary for such a project.
  • Together we 'vibrated' the perfect investors to purchase my downtown condo and the perfect renters for that condo.
  • Together we envisioned my move to the harborside condo by talking about where my furniture would go and choosing new wall colors.

Over and over again, Noah reinforced that I deserved to live in such a beautiful place.

Are you OPEN to allowing the Universe to orchestrate ALL that you need to know, do or have so that you can attract the "Perfect Players" who can best help fulfill your desire?

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