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TESTIMONIALS! (just a few...) "I have to say that I've used the learning from the LOA Training Center's Practitioner Program in everything I do! I use it with my individual coaching clients, in presentations I give, the classes I teach to graduate counseling students on becoming a career counselor, and in my personal life. Applying the concepts I learned has not only helped me grow professionally, but it has expanded my consciousness on a personal level as well. I'm grateful to Rebecca, you, the faculty members, and the students with whom I experienced this life-changing training. Thank you for all of your contributions!"
~Carmen Croonquest

"I have had a Law of Attraction discussion group for several years and it remains healthy and vibrant to this day with loyal followers and new people joining. I have done talks and teleclasses and presentations regarding the Law of Attraction also for several years and it remains a great part of what I do."
~Sandy Guderyon

"I am having a really great time working with all the knowledge I took in from the Program. I hold workshops and do plenty of one to one coaching..

And I so loved the EFT portion, which is a huge part of all that I do. I'm always weaving it in with the LOA information as well…And the results for people are amazing and very humbling.

I have found that the other programmes most people go on are concentrating on the doing part of weight loss….what are you eating and what exercise you are doing. There is nothing in any of them that address’s the beliefs, so I have workshops and of course 1 to 1 coaching to cover that part.

And I am having a great time..This is now my full time occupation and I am loving it and am constantly astounded by what my clients take on, how quickly it works and the courage to hang in and follow through with everything.

Thank you so much for the opportunity of all the learning!
~Pam de Frere

"Since I qualified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner in May 2010, I have gone on to set up my own successful Law of Attraction business where I help people to design their lives so that they can have more of what they want and less of what they don’t. I offer Workshops, talks and individual tailored coaching. I am also very proud to say I am a part of the new vision of the Law of Attraction Training Centre since it launched its sister site in the UK.

"I have also recently set up a LOA discussion group which is held in my local community centre and we meet the 1st Monday of every month. They have now asked me to be a part of the local community newsletter which goes out to 4,000 homes in my area. I am to have my own column on LOA and will have the opportunity to offer solutions on issues people might be going through. I have also become great friends with another student who was going through the course the same time as me. Another recent UK graduate of this Program and I have gone on to meet on several occasions and in fact we are planning to do more “themed” LOA workshops from the wonderful resources to be found at the centre.

"All this has been made possible by LOATC who offer a Coach-Trainer programme that is second to none. As a result of my training I felt equipped and confident to go on to start up my own LOA business using the same sound principles I was taught at the Centre. So if you have a vision and want to teach the Law of Attraction to others, then this programme is a must!"
~Lynn Rich

"I've been reading and studying the LOA on my own for a long time. And still, I find there is just such a wealth of information and exciting new jewels of inspiration in each lesson."~C.C., Student of the Certified LOA Practitioners' Program™UK
"With every Module I do, I uncover more and more about myself and my purpose here on planet earth."~L.R., UK
I've been waiting for something like this! No one else is doing what you're doing and believe me, I know, because I've been looking
and I was so happy to find you.
Thank you!"~J.Woods, UK

“I knew from the moment I came across The Law of Attraction Training Centre on the internet I had attracted something very special. Within moments of talking to Lynn Ahearne on the telephone I felt her warmth and passion for what she does across the miles. She made me feel right at home and spent as much time as I needed explaining the Certified Law of Attraction programme to me. I couldn’t wait to sign up! With every module I took I felt my mind being expanded and my understanding of LOA growing. All the classes were fun and every teacher brought something unique to their class. I always look forward to the live Mastermind calls with Rebecca. She is a gifted and generous teacher with both her time and her wisdom.”
Lynn Rich, Hampshire, England

When I read “The Secret” and watched the DVD some years ago, I was so intrigued that I decided to find out more about the Law of Attraction and purchased all the material I could by Esther & Jerry Hicks “Abraham”. My appetite for the Law of Attraction continued to grow and one quiet day at my computer, I decided to Google “law of attraction training.”

The first and only site to pop up was the Global Law of Attraction Training Center. I knew this was a sign of some kind and proceeded to get in touch with Lynn Ahearn the Administrator. When I started Module 1, I realized what a wonderful program I had found, not only was I benefiting from it immediately and everyone else around me got to benefit from it too, as I shared the tools with them.

I continue to surprise myself with all that I have achieved from starting this program and all I can say, is that you can also let the Universe work for you when you know how to. So if you want the good things in life commit yourself to the Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner’s Program and the world will be your oyster.
~Deborah Fernandes, London, England

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this is not quite how it's worked for me as it seems that every class covers a topic that has either just passed or is just coming into my life so I can experience the teachings first hand and really let it sink into every fibre of my Being. …I know it's well worth it for the solid base it is forming in my Life and the strengthening bonds I am finding in my relationship with myself and my connection to the Universe! I've even reclaimed some of my long lost Dreams and Visions of My Perfect Life and can, for the first time in years, see them as a possible reality!"
~Carlysle Vivian, New Zealand

"What has been a highlight for me in this program is the depth of what these teachings are. Not only on an external level, but more importantly, on an internal level as well. I remember a conversation I had last year with a friend…I had asked how or where I can learn more about the Law of Attraction. He asked me a question, of which I will never forget; "Why do you want to learn the LOA"? My answer was, "To touch people's hearts." It was true and sincere. What I realize now is at the time I was more interested in making money for external purposes, hoping to find a sense of self through material things with the intention of potentially taking people with me. Hard to touch people's hearts from that place, self interest, hence why I have moved away from the previous career path and come back to where I wanted to be in the first place. What an amazing journey.

This program has been an amazing introduction to the LOA. Completing the Modules and doing the Evaluations have given me so much more depth in my understanding of what the LOA is all about. It gives totality to thoughts and questions I have had as to whether or not I was doing the right thing by choosing a different career path, more so moving from career into living this realm of Spirituality. I know now from the depth of my Being that it is right. Thank You!!!" ~ L.J., USA

"This stuff is life-changing, with tons of usable ideas, methods and tips to help us in our lives and also to help others. I am now better equipped to share, teach and coach Law of Attraction so that it can change lives for the better, all around me. I really love LOATC and how all of the trainers have empowered me to help others."

"Beyond helping ourselves to operate at higher levels of consciousness, these teachings empower us to help many others... both by directly encountering them through teaching, coaching, etc., as well as counter-balancing them by the fact that as we vibrate at a higher level, we help people whom we may never meet. Thank you so much for putting this all together."
-Tom LeBlanc

"Doing this Course at the LOATC is one of the best decisions that I have taken in my life…it has been a life changing experience for me. What I really love and highly appreciate is that all the instructors are wonderful people and are always here to help us anytime. I have always wanted to do something really worthwhile in life and I have always been looking for a Course like this one! Ever since I started doing this Course, my life has changed and now I feel that I am closer to my purpose in life.

"I want to make people in my country know about this wonderful Law of Attraction and empower their lives!" -P.D., India

"Wonderful! This first Module is a great introduction to LOA and is fun and interesting to listen to and also to do the exercises. I recommended the whole program to my last LOA workshop(participants).
~ J.G., Norway

"Thank you for validating so many of my thoughts in this program… (it) brought into clarity many things which I had only a vague understanding of before. Just listening to the lessons and doing the exercises has raised my vibrations significantly! I can hardly wait to fully integrate this program and evolve into a higher state of consciousness. I know that this is the right course for me! I look forward to honing my skills and developing my gifts. You are a blessing!" ~ J.S., USA

"What a mind expanding class. Rebecca's love for all come across so well... Repeated use of words- Compassion and humility honed in on the true meaning of being a practitioner and coach! It made me want to learn, study, know more!" ~ L.T., South Korea

"I stay in a state of excitement looking forward to each new Module and the classes therein. I am so blessed to be working on the Law of Attraction Practitioners' Course - it is a gift from Heaven and I'm just soaking up the knowledge… On an emotional, physical, spiritual and soul level I am continuing to grow and evolve.

"I feel that I have been in a chrysalis form for a long time now and through all the healing work I've undergone and being involved with the LOA I'm now emerging as a butterfly, ready to spread her wings and fly to wherever I'm drawn!" ~ L.J., USA

"I really enjoy this way of learning. It allows me to listen as many times as I want to and make as many notes as I wish. The information in this class has been invaluable for the seminars that I have been doing. It is so full of great ideas and tips that have enabled me to create real magic in my seminars… excellent and informative … enables us all to create a wonderful business from doing this work. Thank you." ~ P.F., New Zealand

"I just started the Certified LOA Practitioners' Program and this has been the most profound life changing 10 days of my life! It feels as if I have come home and am experiencing a deep sense of peace and well-being, excitement, enthusiasm and a surge of energy! It is as if I have been taken into another world literally! I have been able to look at my entire life up to this point with such energy and clarity. The first Module has given me great confidence in my ability to help someone as a coach. The clear simple powerful tools really excited me. I am just letting the whole program wash over me and it has been such a thrilling experience! I came with a desire to learn more about the Law of Attraction, but I what I found here is nothing short of life-changing! If you are seeking the next level in your life, you have arrived at the right place!"
~ P.D., South Africa

"WOW! I'm very grateful for discovering the Law of Attraction course as I've been searching for the tools to help me reach my life purpose. I'm so excited, because I've found it! Thank you Rebecca and your team for an extremely well put together, life-changing course of the highest quality! I'm so excited about the journey that lies ahead with this new found knowledge and I know by the end of this course I will be so much closer to manifesting my true life purpose!" ~ L.B., South Africa

"The more I come to understand the principles of the Law of Attraction, I find more spirituality, more love - essentially more God within these teachings. I am thankful for myself as well as my family to be exposed to such a rich beauty."
~ P.G., USA

"This material is great! The whole course has caused a huge shift in my thinking and my being. The highlight of this was becoming clear on my life's purpose. Until now I have never been clear on my life's purpose... Nothing has changed out there, but something has shifted inside me… there has always been something missing….That missing link for me is the understanding of the Law of Attraction - and it is so simple.

At 57 I have, for the first time, found my life's purpose and it is exciting."~ K.S., New Zealand

"I love the simplicity of the teachings … I am confident that I have a clear set of teachings that will allow me to truly enjoy the law of attraction. I also love it that the teaching goes deeper than a set of guidelines to enjoy a better physical existence but incorporates true higher learning. A knowing was present rather than just intellect…Rebecca, Thank you so much for your love, support and attention to our learning. Although I listened to a recording of a live TeleClass...your passion and wonderful vibration is easily felt." ~ M.S., USA

"I loved this module for me it confirmed so much, I now feel I have so much more trust in myself and the universe. The EFT was amazing and has moved me to whole new level. The freedom this has given me is truly amazing. What wise and wonderful souls to be taught by. It is the most inspirational and uplifting journey I have ever taken."
~ C.C., New Zealand

"I Love the 3 Steps, 3 Tools, 3 Phrases and 3 Minds - 'Power Combo' Its easy and and IT WORKS! David Hawkins' and Abraham Hicks' Emotional Scales are major reference points and material for me when teaching and coaching. Another 'Light Bulb' moment for me was the Paradigm Shift from Coach to LOA Practitioner is highly acknowledged here. I was not entirely sure about where I stood confidently as a coach/loa practitioner until this lesson. I will be adopting a new coaching style/programme around Rebecca's short term LOA Coaching Model..LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! While the Self Actualisation concept is not new to me, the application in the Law of Attraction faculty is; and it is absolutely brilliant in a self discovery exercise and also in critical in the evolvement for the individual towards achieveing 'nirvana' and experiencing the full and positive forces/power of the highest LOA state." ~ Sherman N., New Zealand

"I feel as if I have been guided to the Law of Attraction Training Center. The impact we can have on humanity because of this information is profound. I could not be in a better place." ~ Nancy P., USA

"I enjoyed most about this module is bridging the gap between what we're learning as Practioners and what we desire to put into place into the world. And it starts with us first to share the message, we have to BE the message. Beautifully put together. I am so grateful for the extra handouts Don provided and the organization of this class. I feel so much more better prepared to share the message with others. Thank You!! Well-done!!" ~Victoria C., USA

"The power of using certain words is very important. Example - I only attract positive .... I only want .... I only choose ... The word only is very powerful. Using the T tool and scripting is very important along with the feelings you have when you visualize and say back what you do want. You must FEEL it for it to become a reality. You must be excited and picture yourself doing and being and attaining what you want and it will be. And also I found the emotional scale to be very helpful. Very interesting and a little scary but pulls you up into the light to be on a higher vibration." ~ Stacy F., USA

"What a wonderful session. I was absolutely amazed at all of the information that was presented in that class. I simple enjoyed every minute of it. The information on the lower and higher mind was just great. The T-Tool that we used to write down the Lower mind and Higher mind helped me to locate myself. I was able to see in some places how I have grown and of course in others I am genuinely working to raise my level of awareness. I remember so vividly when I cherished being special. I wanted to be looked at, out in front for all of the wrong reasons (glad I have since moved from that level). I am so glad that I have never had a problem with thinking linear. Actually, I really don't mind how I get there as long as I arrive. I like knowing that there is something out there that I have not experienced gives me great excitement. I am so looking forward to my new LOA Coaching Business. I can't tell you how many times I have experienced getting all involved with other people and their drama etc. Now I am feel free in that I can work on just being aligned with others instead. That in itself is just a relief. I don't want to forget, that pride and humility thing was a real biggy, but I am aware of it and have been actively working on that gateway into higher consciousness." ~ Thelma S., USA

"I found this Module a real eye opener for me. I found the personality testing extremely interesting as I have always believed that my bubbly personality meant I was an Extrovert and I am so Interverted it's not funny - no wonder I was burning out. Now that I recognise that about myself I think life will be alot easier and as for communicating with others this class has given me a very vauluble tool. I was skeptical at first when I heard we had to have a conversation with our bodies - however the class was fun and lead me to another depth of self awerness. I have listened to my body and made some changes which have been very benificial. I am dreaming and working through deciphering them - this I think will take more practice but I love the T-tool. - Thank you!" ~Rebecca M.

"I really love the way this Program is working for me...I am enjoying being part of the whole journey and I am very happy with the way it is being run.

I love the way you work with eveyone and I feel that I am totally part of it. The notes that you give us are great and I make lots more as well. The depth of the work that I am learning is wonderful...and I love the laughter and fun that I have. I spend an hour at least every morning doing my study..and it is such a delightful way to begin my day.I go off to work vibrating all that I've learned. wow!! I blow my own socks off...and of course..I am attracting more beauty and joy into my life. I love it!! thank you." ~Pam D.

 "I greatly admire you and your work and thank you sincerely for your program. It has re-ignited me. I love listening and not participating with others - it is a nice reprieve from all the hands on community training I have had, and at this time, the participation is with myself and doing the work on me - which make me better in my communities and whatever work I choose.~ T. Wilder
"In every MM call I really feel how we are raising up our Global Consciousness...

Every MM call gives me confidence, I believe again, that I'm special and this call is especially for me!"- Irina Fotland, Norway

"I get a sense of the community and love what transpires on a master mind call first and foremost. Then twose gems stood out for me: This first is that in stillness there is great strength. The second is that I don't have to know all the answers right now because the answer is on its way. Both are very empowering for me right now."- Beth Gordon, USA

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